Te Reo is the Journal of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand. The words Te Reo are the Māori term for 'the language' or 'language'. The Journal is published annually and has been running for 60 years. It is a peer-reviewed journal with strong representation in the fields of Austronesian linguistics and more recently, New Zealand English. However it welcomes contributions in all areas of linguistics and from linguists worldwide (no affiliation to a New Zealand institution is necessary). It is not a requirement that authors be members of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand but we hope that you may consider joining it anyway. The journal publishes articles on a rolling basis.

We publish a wide range of research outputs:
* Research Article (original research findings, max. 15,000 words)
* Overview Article (review of a research topic, max 15,000 words)
* Squib (shorter articles, max 5,000 words)
* Article + Commentary - from time to time at the editor's discretion perhaps
* Book review (review of a single book, max 3,000 words)
* Review article (multiple books together, max 6,000 words)
* Poster (winning poster from the Annual NZ Linguistics Conference).