Where and how to do an MA in linguistics at a NZ University

If you want to carry on your study of linguistics and enroll in an MA or graduate study at a New Zealand university, there may be funding options to help you continue your study. Each university has different options and different due dates for applications (for both study, and scholarships). Some information is given below. It is a good idea to choose the university based on the area of linguistics that you wish to pursue your research project on and to contact a potential supervisor first!


University of Waikato (Hamilton, NZ)

The best pathway to graduate linguistics if studying in Hamilton at the University of Waikato is to enroll in a Postgraduate Certificate, which takes one semester to complete and consists in 2 courses: a graduate Research Methods course and a Directed Study in a linguistics sub-field of your choice (provided you have a supervisor). 

Following this, you can enroll in a one-year MA by research, which can start anytime during the year, as convenient to you and agreed upon with your supervisor.

Supervision at the University of Waikato 

Julie Barbour: language documentation, typology, Oceanic linguistics, Vanuatu languages
Andreea Calude: corpus linguistics, quantitative linguistics, cognitive grammar, sociolinguistics, lexical borrowing, language evolution (English, Romanian, German)
Nicola Daly: sociolinguistics, language of picture books, children’s literature, literacy

Scholarships and Funding at Waikato University

Taught Postgraduate scholarship (for the postgraduate courses part): $3,000 toward course fees – usually due around April of each year

Research MA scholarships (for the thesis year), 3 types (tier 1 $5,500, tier 2 $12,000, tier 3 $15,000) – usually due around April of each year

There are also publication scholarships available for students wishing to seek support while preparing publications arising from their thesis research, and other more specialized funds – follow this link.